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Working For Free

Because...two hot mess Mamas are better than one

Fall Wreaths

About Us

Welcome to our website; “Working for Free”!  Both Amanda and Rachel, are work at home moms, wives, friends, and business owners.  We call each other sisterwives...only in household and business tasks, we keep our husbands to ourselves (get your mind out of the gutter!).  For the past 12 years, Amanda has perfected the art of handmade products. From hair bows, wall decor, and seasonal items; to succulent arrangements and printed pigment pots.  She has a vision, to create a carefully curated, “lifestyle brand”, one product at a time! (Think Martha Stewart, minus the prison timešŸ˜‚.) Amanda doesn’t lack in creativity, nor artistic skill; but is deficient in proper business skills, customer relations, and TIME! That’s where Rachel comes in. She is the master of organization, numbers, statistics, sourcing supplies, and the art of “customer communication”.  Her background in the corporate world, as an Operations Director, for a manufacturing company, provided her the skills needed to successfully navigate and operate our growing business. Basically... Amanda is the creative genius and Rachel is the business genius; the combination of the two of us, addressed all of the needs, for “Working for Free”!  You can get to know us better by checking out our YouTube vlog Working For Free!

Handmade Fall Decor

Fall Boho Wreath

Handmade Fall Decor

Falling Leaves, Hoop Wreath

Tassel Garland

Autumn Sunset, Tassel Garland; add some fall warmth and texture into your home.

Hand-painted pumpkins

When handmade decor, becomes artā€¦